Would you like to keep your trees healthy and beautiful year round?

Would you like to keep your trees healthy and beautiful year round?

Mountain View Spraying offers tree spraying services designed to help

Mountain View Spraying Service provides preventive tree spraying services in Twin Falls, Boise, Nampa, Mountain Home and Meridian, ID. We specialize in the tree's health from newly planted trees to mature specimens. Our customers are residential home owners, commercial and property managers, landscape contractors, golf courses and municipalities.

We also provide spider barriers to help keep your property pest free and beautiful.

Tree Injections

Injections are used to kill insects such as the Birch and Flathead Borers in the active cambium layer of the tree. We use the state of the art Wedgle System. This equipment's needle-like injector minimizes tree injury while maximizing product distribution throughout the tree. This method allows for a much faster result than that achieved with root injections.

Tree Fungi Application

April and May

Best to apply as a preventative to control
- Black spot
- Powdery mildew
- Fire blight
- Needlecast (pines)
- Red band

Did you know we also offer organic tree services?

We can help you take care of your trees with our organic dormant oil, organic spider barriers and more. Call us today for more information.

Tree Spraying Program:

Dormant Oil:

February and March

Dormant Oil tree spraying smothers the insects that hibernate over the winter on bark and limbs. This allows the leaves to bud without having insects attacking them.

Insecticide and Spider Barrier:


Sprayed on all trees and shrubs for damaging insects and diseases. Foundation and eaves of the house will also be sprayed to kill black widows, hobos, earwigs, etc.

Insecticide and Spider Barrier:


Spraying again helps keep the insect population in check in your trees as well as around your home. The goal of any spray program is to control the population, not to completely eradicate it.

Insecticide and Spider Barrier:


Spraying this late in the fall helps to keep insects from over wintering in your trees as well as your home.

Deep Root Feedings:

April and November

Mountain View uses a ground probe with high pressure to inject nutrients much closer to the feeding roots of trees and shrubs. This method is much more effective than spraying fertilizer on top of the soil as much of the nutrients are lost before reaching the tree's root system. Applied both spring and fall to maximize growth and overall health.

Mountain View Spraying Proudly Serves the Following Areas in Idaho:

Twin Falls, ID
Boise, ID
Nampa, ID
Mountain Home, ID
Meridian, ID