Traditional Home Delivery

Mountain View Spraying Service uses nothing but the best products and techniques to render optimum lawn care results. We offer total lawn care by providing a multitude of lawn services ranging from fertilization to core aeration.

With Mountain View, you have the options available to tailor a lawn care treatment specific to your needs. Do you need commercial grade lawn care? No Problem. Maybe you want residential lawn care. You got it. The wonderful thing about it all is that we offer some of the lowest prices you will find in Idaho. The lawn care services we provide for our customers are as follows:

Pre-emergent: March and April

Step 1:

Helps to control the spread of wild grasses such as Tall Fescue and Crab Grass. If you already have existing wild grasses in your lawn it may take time to gain control of them. The longer you're on a program the less chance of wild grass infestation.

Weed and Feed: April and May

Step 2:

Broadleaf control and fertilization. One example is the Dandelion. Cool temperatures make it easier to kill weeds in your lawn at this time of the year. The hotter the temperature, the greater the chances of burning your lawn.

Insecticide and Fertilizer: June and July

Step 3:

Insecticide kills Grubs, Sod Webworm and the Billbug. These insects are best controlled at this time of the year.

Insecticide and Fertilizer: July and August

Step 4:

Insects are sprayed again to ensure good control is established and your lawn maintains its healthy appearance.

Weed and Feed: September and October

Step 5:

Again, this is the best time for broadleaf control and fertilizer due to the cooler temperatures.

Late Fall Fertilizer and Sulfur: October and November

Step 6:

For winter prep and PH levels in soil.

*The end result of our lawn program and your good watering habits is a beautiful, healthy, lush lawn that you can be proud of year after year.

*If you are not on a full lawn program now, we recommend that you call us to find out why you should be. Benefits include a stronger, healthier and greener lawn that is able to fight off insect damage and weed infestation. Doing part of the program only cures some of the problems.

Traditional Price List:

5000 Square Feet


3 Bags

10,000 Square Feet


6 Bags

15,000 Square Feet


9 Bags

20,000 Square Feet


12 Bags

25,000 Square Feet


15 Bags

30,000 Square Feet


18 Bags

35,000 Square Feet


21 Bags

40,000 Square Feet


24 Bags

Organic Home Delivery

Mountain View Spraying uses nothing but the best organic lawn care products that help keep your lawn looking beautiful. Each of the organic products we use are certified by the OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) and are kid and pet friendly. Some of these products include natural fertilizers as well as humic acid.

With this program, we help to take the guesswork out of proper lawn maintenance year round. The program includes six steps of various treatments, each appropriate for the time of year to keep your lawn looking beautiful. The best part is, all of the products used are certified organic.

When you're ready to start the program or if you have questions, give us a call or send us an email. We provide organic lawn services in Boise, Twin Falls, Nampa and Mountain Home, ID.

Humic Acid 70% - March

Step 1:

Makes nutrients more available to the plant.

Nature Safe 8-3-5 - April

Step 2:

Spring fertilizer, sugar and starch.

Nature Safe 10-2-8 - June

Step 3:

Improves soil for heat and drought. Stimulates micro-activity.

Nature Safe 10-2-8 - July/August

Step 4:

Again, improves soil for heat and drought. Stimulates micro-activity.

Humic Acid 70% - September

Step 5:

Makes nutrients more available to the plant.

Calcium-Plus - October/November

Step 6:

Calcium for plant, resulting in healthier plant structure. Removes salts.

Organic Price List:

3,000 - 7,000 Square Feet


5 bags

7,001 - 12,000 Square Feet


10 bags

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